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New - FSIP Handyman Component Tester



  • This is the dealer level handset, not the OEM level handset.
  • It will not work on all controls or adjust the OEM level settings.
  • The vehicle OEM decides which settings you can access with this handset.
  • This handset may not be returned for any credit.
  • This handset will only be replaced if there is a warranty issue.

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Spec Sheet

005910774281 005915158781 220017544 3022858 800116335 ACMODEL269C BA119885 BK119885 CL1801805 CL1802057 CL4155072 CL7013053 CLRPMODEL269C CT4C6761 CTA000013964 CTA0000-13964 ET121751 FSMODEL 269C HU3022858 HY3022858 INSCR-2550 IPSCR-2550 JU1471544 JU14715440 KOMODEL269C LI119885 LN119885 LP000353-9300 LP353-9300 MB4C6761 MBA000013964 MBA0000-13964 SG1802057 SY1280 TO4C6761 TY00591-07742-81 TY00591-51587-81 YP518096831 YT150022792 YT150040209 YT220017544 YT2200175-44 YT518096831