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Exchange - FSIP Handyman Component Tester



The Handyman Component Tester provides testing at or near actual operating voltage, enabling you to test SCR’s, diodes, capacitors, transistors and more.  Combining the Handyman with your voltmeter provides a powerful trouble-shooting tool.

 Parts Included:

  • 3 Test Leads
  • Operator's Manual
  • Plastic Instruction Card

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Spec Sheet

005910774281-R 005915158781-R 220017544-R 3022858-R 800116335-R ACMODEL269C-R BK119885-R CL1801805-R CL1802057-R CL4155072-R CLRPMODEL269C-R CT4C6761-R CTA0000-13964-R CTA000013964-R ET121751-R HY3022858-R HY3022903 HY3142057 INSCR-2550-R JU14715440-R JU1471544-R KOMODEL269C-R LI119885-R LP353-9300-R MB4C6761-R MBA0000-13964-R MBA000013964-R RXCL7009035REM RXFSMODEL 269C RXHU4135189R RXYP550124697R RXYP5501246-97R SG1802057-R SY1280-R TY00591-07742-81-R TY00591-51587-81-R YT150040209-R YT220017544-R YT518096831-R