Remanufacturing Services


FSIP offers:

Remanufactured Parts (RP) - The unit is shipped to FSIP, remanufactured and returned to your company in 3-5 days. 

Rebuilt Exchange (RX) - You purchase a unit from FSIP's rebuilt stock, send your rebuildable core to FSIP & your account is credited the core amount. 

Rebuilt Outright (RO) - You purchase a unit from FSIP's rebuilt stock, do NOT send a core to FSIP & your account is NOT credited.


Please, enclose a copy of the Remanufacture & Return Form with each remanufacturing order you send to FSIP.


FSIP Remanufactures:

SCR, transistorized, separately excited, AC, traction and pump controls; as well as DC/DC converters, accelerators, dash displays, control handles, battery discharge indicators, vehicle control units utilizing CAN Bus, accessory cards and ECUs for combustion engines. 


Remanufactured Parts Are:

  • Analyzed by certified electronic technicians
  • Failed components replaced
  • Compormised, stressed components replaced
  • Components upgraded to the latest specifications
  • Tested rigorously to ensure quality 
  • Backed by warranty