Manufacturing Services


For more than 50 years, Flight Systems Industrial Products has excelled in designing and manufacturing custom products. Beginning with aircraft and runway strobe lights in 1968, FSIP expanded into solid state controls for forklifts and other battery powered vehicles by the mid-seventies. The company’s capabilities continued to expand through the years to include gauges, service tools and newer technology controls for forklifts that replace outdated electrical systems.


A partnership with General Electric in the early nineties allowed FSIP to manufacture its own lower volume items and ultimately acquire assets of General Electric’s motion control business in 2010. Today, the company is located in a 59,000 square foot, ISO-certified facility in Central Pennsylvania with an additional mid-west branch in Addison, IL. FSIP currently offers a wide variety of manufacturing services fitting the needs of many markets.


Box Build Assembly

FSIP’s skilled team follows detailed process instructions developed by the company or the customer to ensure a quality product is delivered every time. Assembly services include sub-level product, electromechanical assemblies and complete product assembly. FSIP also designs custom fixtures, testing procedures, and provides software loading or configuration services.


Coil & Bobbin Winding

FSIP has manufactured custom inductors for more than 15 years. The company’s high-level skills, paired with in-house fixturing capabilities and winding equipment allow it to manufacture precision-wound coils using multiple gauges of wire.


Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses

Equipped with a wide range of crimp heads and AMP terminal presses, FSIP’s facility manufactures a variety of custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses to IPC-A-620 standards.


Metal Machining

FSIP provides machining services to build a wide range of custom metal parts. The company procures the metal material in extruded, bar or plate form, and machines to your specifications. With a vertical CNC,
spindle drill press and lathes on site, FSIP performs multiple processes to create machined products. The company also provides punch press, stamped and plated parts which gives the customer a truly turnkey manufacturing solution. To ensure a concise product each time, FSIP uses inspection equipment including optical comparators to verify the product conforms to the approved tolerances.


To learn more about the manufacturing services that FSIP offers or receive a quote, please call 1-800-333-1194.